Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Joys of Searching on Osta

A few weeks ago I was looking on the Estonian auction website Osta in search of some of my great grandfather's postcards when quite by chance, I came across an old Tartu school girls photograph. As my grandmother was born in Tartu I was naturally curious to take a look at the photo. When I clicked on the link,  I was surprised to see my grandmothers face staring back at me. I couldn't believe it! I contacted my father and uncle immediately to get their opinion to determine whether it is in fact her, and the consensus was - it is! It was a great find on Osta and I'm so very happy I found it.

However, I am still unable to determine which school these girls belonged to, if anyone knows, please contact me via Facebook.

As for my great grandfather's postcards, I am yet to buy one from Osta. Every time I manage to locate one, I'm always too late and disappointed to find the auction has ended. The good news is however, my wonderful cousin Jaanus recently attended a stamp/coin/postcard fair in Tallinn and met a collector who owned five of my great grandfather's postcards! He sold Jaanus three of them but didn't want to part with the other two.  Now I have these postcards in my collection, making me a very happy woman indeed!