Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Romantic Ideas for an Estonian Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year but if you are spending it apart from the person you love, it's easy to feel a bit sombre during the festive season. Recently I was contacted by a reader in the UK who unfortunately has to work during the Christmas period and won't be able to accompany his girlfriend home to Estonia this year. Obviously he is feeling a bit sad by this and asked me what he could do in advance to make their Christmas special before she goes. I gave him this advice. 

1. Estonians always celebrate Christmas and other special days on the eve, the night before, so a little celebration in the evening with candles would be a nice idea. Be sure to make your kitchen / living room visually delightful and appealing.

2. In terms of gifts, Estonian women tend to like thoughtful and practical things. Something she can either use or wear would be very much appreciated. If you feel like being romantic it is best to buy her something she can wear so she will always think of you when she has it on. It could be something practical like a nice hat and scarf - she would definitely use that in Estonia! Or a piece of jewellery. With the scarf, you could always be a bit bold and spray your cologne on it so it smells of you. She'll miss you even more!

3. Estonians are very proud of their tri-colour flag so if you happen to find snowflake wrapping paper that resembles blue, black and white - it's sure to impress!

And if you really want to melt the heart of your loved one while you are apart, slip a little note into her luggage before she leaves. Loving words go a long way!