Saturday, 24 December 2016

Häid Jõule! Merry Christmas from Estonia!

It's Christmas Eve in Tallinn and although it's not snowing this year, the atmosphere in the Old Town is still amazing with all its sparkling lights and festivities. I really do love the Christmas markets in Tallinn as they offer everything you need - food, drinks, gifts, games, rides and music. The reindeer pen and Santa's house are nice features of the market as well as the stage for live performances.  Few countries in the world have such a complete Christmas market which is no wonder why Tallinn's is often voted as one of the best!  

The Viru Gate always looks stunning at Christmas time. 

The Tallinn Christmas Market.
The world's first Christmas tree was erected here by German merchants in 1441.

Christmas stage

Many delights can be found here!


Each year that I visit the Tallinn Christmas market, I notice all the subtle differences and I must admit, I think the market keeps getting better and better!