Saturday, 3 December 2022

My weekend in Tallinn

Last weekend I flew to Tallinn to do a bit of Christmas shopping and visited the Christmas market. It's been just over a year since I was last in Estonia so I was eager to return. It snowed while I was there and at night the city looked absolutely stunning!

Like every year, the Tallinn Christmas market had a great selection of gifts available as well as food and the traditional glögi. Estonian glögi comes in a variety of flavours and strengths and I took the opportunty to try a few.

As I walked around the Old Town I heard a lot of English spoken in the streets. There were quite a few American accents and others which were not so obvious to detect where they were from. When I picked up a few brochures from the tourism information office, I noticed that most of the English pamplets were empty but there were plenty of Finnish ones available, so there mustn't have been many Finns in town that weekend.

The Tallinn Christmas market really came alive at night time. I watched the light show and a dance performance and really enjoyed the festive atmosphere. It got quite crowded around 7pm but it was nice to see people having a good time whilst the snow gently fell from above.

During this trip I decided to stay at Hotel Baron. My new goal is to try a different hotel with each visit. The location of Hotel Baron is excellent, it's very close to the Olde Hansa restaurant and the rooms are nicely furnished and comfortable.

I had a wonderful time in Tallinn but sadly the weekend passed too quickly. Until next time!