Friday, 23 December 2022

Our thoughts are with Ukraine this Christmas

This year Christmas cannot be fully enjoyed whilst war is raging in Ukraine. Thoughts of those who have perished in unimaginable circumstances are often in the back of our minds leaving us with a heavy heart. Ukrainians have suffered and endured so much since Russia's brutal invasion began but their courage and determination is inspirational. 

Almost eight million people have fled Ukraine since the war began in February. It's Europe’s largest refugee wave since World War II. Estonia and its Baltic neighbours know full well of the atrocities committed by Soviet Russia during WWII and were amongst the first to come to Ukraine's assistance. I'm so very proud of Estonia's steadfast support for Ukraine, it is unwavering  and will continue until the barbaric aggressor has left Ukraine's land.

The war in Ukraine really is a war of good verses evil. The evil is hellbent on destroying and using propaganda to spread lies and deceit, whilst the good with their kind generous hearts, try to help Ukraine anyway they can. Truckloads of aid has been sent to Ukraine from all over the world and from all walks of life. This is humanity at its best.