Tuesday, 13 December 2022

What makes Tallinn's Christmas market so unique

In recent years much praise has been poured upon Tallinn's Christmas market which it is now regarded as one of the best in the world. If you are like me and enjoy visiting different Christmas markets during the festive season, no doubt you will have your favourites. Of course Tallinn's is at the top of my list but I have to admit Strasbourg's Christmas market is pretty good too.

The Tallinn Christmas market (Jõuluturg) is special in many ways. Unlike other markets which are long strips of stalls along the main street, Tallinn's Christmas market stands cosily on the Town Hall Square and is pulsing with atmosphere. Two of the Jõuluturg's best features are the stage for live entertainment and Santa's house where children can go inside and meet Santa. Some of the things I love most about the Tallinn Christmas market is that it is very visually alluring, particularly at night and the aromas that fill the air are so very Estonian. You can't experience that anywhere else. 

What makes Tallinn's Christmas market truly special is its centrepiece - the Christmas tree. The world's first Christmas tree stood here in 1441, erected by the local merchants known as The Brotherhood of the Blackhead. These men created a tradition that was originally intended for the local townspeople of Tallinn to enjoy but is now practised all over the world. Great things start in Estonia!