Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Cute Estonian Girls Names

Two of my sisters are having babies this year. With one due in August and the other in November it's going to be an eventful year for my family. I'm very tempted to fly back to Australia at the moment as I don't like to miss out on important family occasions but I fear, like last time, I will end up staying much longer than I originally intended. Coming from a large family (I'm the eldest of six) there is always something going on and I usually want to be a part of it!

Finding the right name for a baby can be tricky. For the past few months my sisters and I have been emailing each other potential names but it seems they both currently like names beginning wit the letter "L". Today I decided to send them some Estonian names and who knows - maybe they might like one of them!

Here is a list of cute Estonian girls names that I quite like -

Liila   -   Liisu  -  Luule  -  Leili   -   Lüüdia   -   Leida    -   Liia  -   Liisi   -  Liis  -   Laine
Meeli    -    Juta  -   Silja  -  Kadi  -  Helgi  -  Tuuli  -  Ingel  -  Helene  -  Piret  -  Riina
Külli  -  Viia  -  Kaisa  -  Viivi  -  Mari  -  Maarja  -  Liina.