Saturday, 15 June 2013

Estonian Independence Day 2013 - "Eesti Minut Competition"

On the 24th of February this year there was a national call for people across Estonia to submit photographs in honour of Estonia's 95th birthday. The goal of the project was to capture one minute in time (1pm) and share what you were doing on this momentous day. Photographs could be anything from celebratory images, group portraits, landscapes, work, home, hiking, cooking up a feast etc.

I was in Tallinn on Independence Day this year and contributed to the project.  However, it was only today that I remembered to follow this up and view the entries online. I was pleased to discover that 7617 photographs were submitted and I was impressed by the variety these images represented  - everything from family snapshots, the great outdoors, cute kids, and even people in hospital. They really capture the essence of contemporary Estonian life. Some people were really creative with their photos whilst others simply shared a candid moment. All are wonderful in their own way. I love seeing the colours of the national flag, the smiling faces and above all, the national pride.

You can view the photos online at the Eesti Minut website All photos are stored in the Estonian National Museum and are now part of history for future generatons. The project will be repeated again in 2018 when Estonia turns 100.

(N.B. The above photos are entries from the Eesti Minut project. If you are the author of any one of these photos and object to it being on my blog, please contact me via Facebook and I will promply remove it. I mean no offence, I simply admire your work.)