Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Summer Holiday to Estonia is Booked!

I've spoken to a few Estonians who live abroad recently and it appears many of them are heading back to Estonia for the summer holidays. I've decided to do the same. Actually, when I was in Tallinn in February my cousin asked me when I would return and I did say during the summer. So, true to my word I have booked my flight and will be there at the end of the month! It's really more of an extended long weekend rather than a multiple week  holiday, but that's okay for I plan to fly over again later in the year.

There are still many things I have yet to explore in Estonia and I know I'll gradually see them in time. For example very soon I'll be able to cross off the list a tour of the KGB Museum located in the Viru Hotel. It sounds very interesting.

I always used stay at the Old House Apartments whenever I was Tallinn. I love how they furnish their properties and the size of their rooms are ample too. Lately however, I've enjoyed staying at different hotels, (due to the fact that the Old House was once fully booked) I find many of them have such charm! The Meriton Conference and Spa Hotel is quite good, I've stayed there several times and it has a French patisserie that's popular with tourists. The last time I flew to Tallinn I stayed at the St Olaf Hotel in Lai Street. This hotel had real charm; the rooms are nicely decorated yet tiny but it's the corridors you will find most intriguing.A glimpse into a bygone era. I saw many people photograph these corridors while I was there and of course, I was one of them! I was pleasantly surprised.

This time however, my hotel of choice will be the Tallink City Hotel. The location is central, the rooms look good according to the pictures and apparently they serve a good breakfast. What more could a woman want? Like always, I can't wait to be back in Estonia! I just hope the weather is good!