Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Marie Under's last poem - "A Wish"

I recieved a very nice letter in the post today from Sirje Kiin, the woman behind the English translation of Marie Under's work.  Sirje wrote to say that the translation is coming along nicely, thanks to the 73 supports from the USA, Canada, Sweden, Finland, England, Australia, Estonia, Germany and Switzerland who all made financial contributions to the project.

Enclosed with her letter, Sirje sent a copy of Marie Under's last poem written in the summer of 1972 when she was 89 years old. The poem is entitled "A Wish".

Et eales elu poole suuga
Ei teeniks ma. Kui oma teed
Ma käin, et tunneks maa mu sammu,
Juur mullas, ülespoole püüda ühes puuga.
Ja kõik mu teod, et saaksid need
Ka kogu minu rammu.

English translation
Let me never serve
with half a mouth. When I go my way,
let earth feel my footstep.
Root in the soil, to reach up together with the tree.
And all my deeds, also let them
have all my strength.