Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Looking forward to my next trip to Eesti!

Tomorrow morning I'll be flying back to Tallinn for a short break. I have much on the agenda including a visit to the archives to further my family history research, a trip to Albu county to see the Tammsaare museum and most importantly back to Kadrina cemetery. It was only last year I discovered we have a family plot there; the final resting place of many of my relatives including my great, great grandparents. Now that I know so much more about my family, I feel it is my duty to lovingly restore their graves.

Inside the State Archives in Madara Street, Tallinn

The Lesthal family plot

One thing I am yet to discover and eager to know, is what the national costume looks like for people from Nõo. As this is the area where my family originally came from, I would like to soon purchase my own dress in the appropiate design/colours.