Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Enchanting Doors of Tallinn

There are many delights to behold in Tallinn's Old Town but if there's one thing that has kept me in awe all this time is its decorative and ornate collection of doors.  Of course these doors are not exclusively found in Tallinn; in fact they are to be found all over Estonia but as you walk along the cobbled streets of the city you will find them in abundance.

Undoubtedly the most photographed door in all of Tallinn belongs to the house of the "Brotherhood of Blackheads." The image of this door has appeared on the covers of books, in magazines and has become something of an Estonian icon.

What makes these doors so attractive is that each one is itself a unique work of art.  I have captured just a few here to share but there are many, many more waiting to be discovered in Tallinn.

House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads.