Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Estonia's Walk & Knit Olympics to be held Friday 29 June 2018 in Heimtali

I just discovered this and thought I'd share.

The rules:

1. Four-member teams can participate.

2. Supplies (yarn, thread, knitting project bags) will be provided by organizers.

3. Each team have one knitting project which will be handed over from one competitor to another.

4. Every team-member walks a track about 100 meters long, while knitting with five double pointed needles no 2 mm.

5. Before the start cast 40 stitches, distribute stitches on four needles and knit the first round.

6. The yarn ball is kept in a knitting project bag, hanging on competitors wrist. The bag will be handed over from one competitor to another as well.

7. The prize goes to the team that can work on as many rounds as possible, the quality of work and finish time are important as well.

8. Walking is the only correct way to go through the distance. Running or standing on one spot will cause the loss of points.

For more information, please click here: Walk & Knit Olympics