Thursday, 30 May 2019

Special release: 150th anniversary of the Estonian Song Festival

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Estonian Song Festival a special commemorative coin and stamp has been released. Both items can be purchased individually or in a gift pack.

The stamp was designed by Indrek Ilves who said the stamp block depicts the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds that are familiar to all of us. "This place is a symbol that every Estonian knows and has played an important role in the restoration of our country's independence and culture'. 

20,000 commemorative stamps were printed. 2500 of them are in gift boxes and 2,500 are in envelopes with the commemorative coin.

The stamp can be purchased here:

Yesterday the commemorative coin went on sale at a special event held in the Independence Hall of Eesti Pank.  A total of one million coins will be issued and placed in circulation. More information can be found here: Eesti Pank is opening its doors to sell the Song Celebration coin