Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Estonian summer holiday comes to an end

After leaving Saaremaa I headed back to Tallinn for a few days before flying home. Like always I made a final trip to the supermarket to stock up my favourite Estonian foods. I can never get enough Eesti leib!

It's been absolutely wonderful spending time in Estonia and travelling around the countryside. The past two weeks have been extremely relaxing and at times there's been no other cars on the road - it's been just me and nature. Before leaving Estonia I wanted to explore a few more areas near Tallinn that have a connection with my family. It was wonderful to finally visit these places.

Jägala Waterfall is only a short drive from Tallinn.

Home turf for some members of my family.

Anija Manor House.

Although this manor is in need of repair there are many fascinating things to discover here.

Several museum rooms can be found inside the manor.

One room is a school room.
There is also a cafe inside the manor which makes lovely soup and pancakes.

I visited Kehra while in the area but its not the same as it was before the war.
The Sovet occupation obviously ripped the heart out of this place.

I was thrilled to finally visit Raasiku. It was once home to my grandfather and his father.
This is a small yet quaint village that has its own character. 
Several new homes have been built here recently all proudly displaying the Estonian flag.

Raasiku church