Saturday, 24 May 2014

The 33rd Tallinn Old Town Days Festival 24th May - 1st June 2014

One event I've always wanted to attend in Estonia but just haven't been able to when it's on, is the Tallinn Old Town Days. The festival celebrates the beginning of summer and sees the Old Town come alive with people dressed up ancient clothes, live music, market stalls, games and street performers including the odd fire eater or two! It's a week of fun, full of cultural activities for both locals and visitors to enjoy. 
Old Town Days has been an annual event in Tallinn since 1982.

Each day of the festival has a particular theme that makes the event quite unique.

Saturday May 24 - Opening Day - starts with a large and spectacular concert on the Town Hall Square.
Sunday May 25 - Church Day - many of the Old Town churches will be offering organ music concerts.
Monday May 26 - Traditions - this is the day for the traditional Old Town Days conference inviting people to think about the vital themes concerning the Old Town.
Tuesday May 27 - Health Day - offering many different health, sport and movement events.
Wednesday May 28 - Theatre Day.
Thursday May 29 - Music Day - the streets will come alive with actors and musicians.
Friday May 30 - Museum Day - giving people a chance to educate themselves through the special programs.
Saturday May 31 - a day of old time action featuring knights competing with each other in horse riding and with swords and bows.
Sunday June 1 - Children's Day - a day where the whole city is filled with events for families to enjoy.

For further information including full programme details, please refer to the website: