Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The World Famous Depeche Mode Baar - Tallinn

There are few bars around the world that can truly call themselves world famous. However, one such bar in Tallinn stands out from all others due to one unique quality - it only plays music by British electro band Depeche Mode.

Opened by devoted fan Dan Buinenko in 1999 the Depeche Mode Bar, otherwise known as DM Baar, attracts curious visitors from all over the world.  The bar features concert footage played non stop, a Zombie Room showcasing autographs from visiting celbrities and the band Depeche Mode themselves have visited several times and donated memorabilia.

The bar is only a short walk away from the Town Hall Square at Voorimehe 4.  It's an interesting place to stop by and perhaps to enjoy one of their unique cocktails named after the band's popular songs such as "Personal Jesus" and "Master & Servant".


The Depeche Mode Baar has featured on Lonely Planet's top ten most weird bars and restuarants.