Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Anton Hansen Tammsaare Museum in Albu Vetepere

If you appreciate the works of Estonian writer Anton Hansen Tammsaare, then a trip to his birthplace museum in Albu Parish is a must. Located 80km south-east of Tallinn in the village of Vetepere the Tammsaare farm was the inspiration behind Anton's greatest work Truth & Justice.

Anton's parents, originally from southern Estonia bought the North Tammsaare farm in the mid to late 1800s. Peeter and Ann Hansen worked hard on their property and raised their twelve children here. Anton was the fourth child, born in 1878.

Much of Anton's impressions, experiences and recollections expressed in his writing were gained from his childhood home in Tammsaare. He based several of his characters on people he knew, including his mother.

Visiting this museum will not only make you feel closer to the writer but experience the world he created in Truth & Justice first hand.

The house where A.H.Tammsaare was born in 1878.

In 1958 the Tammsaare farm was converted into a museum. 
It was opened on the 80th anniversary of Tammsaare's birth.

In 1973 a large scale restoration of the farm buildings took place.

In 1945 the original house in which Tammsaare was born burnt down. 
It has since been completely restored.

Inside the restored house.

The storehouse is the only surviving building built by Peeter Hansen.

In 1934 Anton's brother August Hansen built this new building.
The building is now a history museum, paying tribute to Anton's life and work.

Anton's parents.

Family tree.

Inside the history museum.

A detailed history of the writer's life and works can be found here.

Truth & Justice.

A beautiful tranquility can be experienced here.

Quotes and scenes from various novels can be seen in cardboard figures within the forest.

The Tammsaare museum  is open from Wednesday - Sunday, 11am-6pm. During some parts of the year the museum closes at 3pm. Please check their website for details.

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